Vanilla Club

What shall we do tonight? Do you even need to ask?

There are no alternatives for anyone looking for the most glam night out in Jesolo: drop into Vanilla Club, the natural extension of fun at Aqualandia, every evening from 11 onwards, it is the real way of life in the area. An irresistible and top quality music selection awaits guests among the palm trees, kiosks and a tropical garden kissed by the stars.

At Vanilla Club, attention is paid to every detail and professionalism is an unconditioned obligation. The acrobatic barmen will amaze you with spectacular moves and attract your attention with the most thirst quenching cocktails.

Movement and relaxation, a combination of opposites fed by the fun that reigns at Vanilla Club where energy really diffuses and permeates into body and soul. Dropping into Vanilla Club is compulsory.