The magic of light and music that creates the atmosphere of Terrazzamare Teatrobar is a spectacle of life. Excitement is the password of one of the most prestigious and popular bars with the night revellers.

Dropping into Terrazzamare is the most “in” thing to do, breathing in the air of Jesolo Lido and contemplating the horizon over the sea, pampered by the sand and the beach by the lighthouse. Here the waters of the river Sile meet the Adriatic Sea and the immense areas of the universe for young people open up.

Every day, every evening, all summer, for a lifetime. Terrazzamare is not for anyone – it is just for those who want to have fun, spending afternoons and evenings with friends, listening to good music and sipping the ideal drink. Terrazzamare is a multifunctional location, that can change its colours according to the events held there. From concerts to performances, from DJ sets to plays, and large events with Italian and international artists. It is the place for art, spirit, excitement and music. Jesolo is here.