“Spritzmania” has hit Jesolo Lido. Where can we find the cure? At Primafila, naturally, right by Piazza Mazzini. Jesolo’s night life lights up with the splendour of one of the trendiest bars on the Adriatic coast, so exciting and so kaleidoscopic in its simple identity.

The furnishings are minimalist and the two areas are to be enjoyed to the full. In the evening beams of light surround guests on the outdoor veranda, iridescent reflections are released and your heart stops beating. You’re at Primafila, but the dream isn’t over. Grab a space if you can, dive into the first spritz that comes past, navigate in the colourful cocktails and try them with toasted sandwiches, wraps, club sandwiches, canapés and hamburgers. If you’re in Primafila for the first time ever, don’t let it get away.