At Okidoki, an explosion of colour and different styles interpret the lines for the littlest clients: the little girls ‘borrow’ pieces from their mother’s wardrobes, with floral patterns and sangallo lace making their appearance everywhere on clothes and accessories.

The lads on the other hand, with jeans and a preppy look, have picked up their father’s casual city style.
Wearing Okidoki over the next few months will be little boys and girls (but also boys and girls up to 16 years old), all in the very latest fashion, perfectly in sync with current trends and in line with the dictate laid down by the leading brands in baby and junior fashion.

And these are? Let’s take a look. To the already extensive 2011 range, Bikkembergs, Elsy, Patrizia Pepe, Frankie Garage, Fred Mello, Guess, and Sarabanda, many more have been added just this year. And that’s why at Okidoki you will find leading names such as Moschino, Bebebò, le Petit Coco, Lili Gaufrette, Kangra, Dondup, 9.2, Myths and Jimmy Bravo by Special Day.

There is also a great choice of accessories, essential for everyone: Hats, scarves, head coverings and belts, all of which can also be purchased online.