Non Solo Blu

Non Solo Blu opened in 2007 as a store selling household linens and objects, but it is a store unlike any other. It stands out for its research into detail and original ideas for special gifts to give to others (and to oneself).

Sheets, duvets, bed covers, duvet covers, tablecloths and kitchen furnishings directly from Tuscany, items produced by Italian and international craftsmen that are excellent value for money.

All of the articles can also be made to measure. David Home, il Giglio, Due G, Dreams and duvets by Minardi Industries are the brands that are a true expression of made in Italy and Esprit Home has lively, modern prints and colours. Towels, dressing gowns and beach towels from the Bottaro brand. There are also Angelica Home & Country objects.

The products designed by a team of young designers will amaze both the eyes and touch, with ideas dedicated to grandparents, mums, dads and our four-legged friends. Sailing-inspired items by Efya, for those who love to decorate their homes with wooden lighthouses, lamps, seagulls, nets, photo holders, object boxes, clocks, boats with shelves, little fish and lots more.

Non Solo Blu is a world of discovery in every corner.