Moby Dick

One of the best-known restaurants in Jesolo and rightly so.

The Moby Dick, run by Luciano Guiotto (in the kitchen) and his wife Manuela (in the dining room) since 1983, offers a menu of distinct character, where the outstanding feature is the quality of the ingredients used: fish is king in this kitchen, always at its freshest and displayed under glass for the customer, who can personally choose what to eat.

The cooking really brings out the natural flavour of the fish, perfectly enhanced by the delicate aromas of seasonal vegetables and wild herbs. The menu is carefully assembled and is rounded off with exceptional starters, a selection of excellent crudités and first courses, often matched with surprising flavours.

For pizza lovers, there are new offerings such as fish focaccia and club pizza, created with the same ingredients as the club sandwich. You’ve got to try it!
The desserts are all prepared personally by Manuela. For the entire summer period (June to September) the restaurant is open evenings only, with the kitchen operating until 2 a.m.