Gommapiuma - Jesolo

Magic castles, colourful houses, whales, balls, legendary dragons, fun animals, the friendliest carton heroes, jumping, dancing, shouting, games and lots of fun… have you ever spent a day at Gommapiuma?

If you’re 12 or under leave your parents at home and come and play freely, with no time limit, in the most fun theme park in the world.
You can organise a lovely day all together in the most colourful play area in the universe, full of interesting things, secret corners to discover and magical places where you can sing, dance, run, jump, jump and jump again! And remember, it’s off limits to adults.

They can accompany children to the play area but can’t use the structures – those are only for the craziest children the world has ever seen! Parents can sit on comfortable benches, rest in the shade of a gazebo or enjoy a cold drink from the mini-bar.

There’s fun for everyone! If you book a holiday in one of the Jesolo-ok.com structures entry is free.