A few steps from the central Piazza Marconi the restaurant "Al Corso" for years stands out for the quality and originality of the culinary proposals: among the many dishes of a distinctly Venetian flavor, a special mention goes to the right pizza.
Maxi, mini, white or red, it does not matter ... Al Corso is simply good pizza.

The environment is particularly distinctive, with a very familiar taste, able to wrap you in warmth. A heaven of peace and goodness a few steps from Piazza Marconi, the theater of many summer events and, at Christmas time, now traditional, as majestic, Sand Nativity.

The hospitality and courtesy are at home in this place, capable of inebriarti with proposals for a kitchen that belongs to the culinary art of the region, but also to tease you with the many "colors" of pizzas, all absolutely delicious.
Tended the corner of homemade desserts, in an exhibition godereccia that hardly will not be noticed.

Al Corso is open all year.