Capannina Beach

A very cool pre-dinner drink? At Capannina Beach why not? On the seafront in flip flops and a sarong, sand between your fingers, the salty tang of the sea and the magical atmosphere of a film. You are in Jesolo, lots of beautiful people, music session, the bar in the very central beach in Piazza Mazzini only takes a moment to fill up with really trendy young people. If there’s no room, find some.

Dive headfirst into the adventure of pure fun, you have to be here, DJ sets by Italian and international guests and live performances by exciting and spectacular artists. Isn’t that enough?

Capannina Beach is also the ideal place for a snack on summer days. It has fresh salads, smoothies, club sandwiches and tasty snacks, all day, sitting on the terrace or with your feet in the fine golden sand. It’s magical in the evening with plays on light, a unique location. Capannina Beach is waiting for you!