Caffé Del Mar

Exclusive. The most suitable adjective to describe the Caffè del Mar is undoubtedly “exclusive”.

The bar pays great attention to selecting a refined, adult clientele. Seemingly informal, the spirit of Caffè del Mar is actually refined and always at the forefront even if you always feel at ease in the big outdoor garden or in the halls where you can dance until the early hours. Caffè del Mar was founded in 2007 and immediately stole the heart of the night time population: it took the place of one of Jesolo‘s historical clubs, the King‘s River Club.

Do we need to say more? Caffè del Mar is open every Saturday evening and admission is free. From July its doors are wide open to music on Fridays and Sundays too, and from August the vibrations can be heard every evening and every night. What kind of music? Italian and all round revival for the more demanding guests.