The furniture in marine style is not a random choice for this address on the doorstep of Piazza Aurora. The Bucintoro, in fact, was the ship in which the Doge of Venice on his way, on the occasion of the Ascension, in the port of Lido to celebrate the rite of marriage to the sea.

A big name, then, who wants to seal the bond of this place with the sea and what it offers: the Bucintoro menu has indeed a distinct preference for dishes based on fish.

Recommended the warm seafood salad, the Tagliardi with scampi and asparagus Spaghetti with lobster homegrown, the calamari poached with asparagus and, still, the Tuna steak and sea bass steak with baked vegetables.

There are, on the wine list, eighty labels. The wide selection of local wines and prosecco, whites from Friuli and Alto Adige, Veneto reds, Tuscany and Piedmont, noble bubbles of Franciacorta and Champagne.